Grant K. Gibson: Designer on the Rise

For an assignment in one of my art classes, I had to find an artist that I admired and critique his/her work. While I was creeping online I came across Grant K. Gibson’s name. Well, turns out he is a fabulous interior designer and has me hooked. From his strategic pops of color to the way he creates such bright and airy spaces he has me drooling all over my computer. Please come to my dorm room. Fix it. Anyway…here are some of my favorite rooms from his website Give it a little looksy.

Enjoy the sheer design magic.








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Make Your Own Glitter Painting


While I watched the snow falling in Des Moines today I started to think back to the Christmas breaks of my childhood. After about the third day of being away from school I would get bored and come up with some craft to make. One break about five years ago, I was scouring through my mother’s Martha Stewart Living magazine and saw a craft that caught my attention. It involved glitter…lots of glitter. The craft is to take a picture and use glitter and glue to create a glittery painting.

I tracked down a video tutorial on how to do the project but sadly, the photo conversion tool mentioned in the video is no longer available on the Martha Stewart website. As you can see from the photo above that Martha made, the craft makes any picture look stunning.

But have no fear! This project can easily be done without the photo conversion tool. All you need are a few simple supplies.

Craft Glue or Mod Podge – I used Mod Podge which can be bought at any art supply store.

Fine Glitter – Martha has her own line you can find here)

Baking Cups – To hold and separate the glitter

Newspaper – So your table or floor does not get completely covered in glitter

Fine Brush – This is optional in case you want to paint your glue onto the picture or if your glue bottle does not have a fine tip. You can find these at any art or craft store.

Thick Paper or Cardstock – To print your picture on so the glue doesn’t wrinkle the paper.

Repurposed Items To Transform Your Home

Here are six items that you probably have around the house but can’t find a practical use for. Well now is the time to transform them and create something totally new and innovative. With just a little elbow grease and some time you can have one-of-a-kind pieces that the neighbors will surely envy.

Ladder Turned Bookshelf: Flip a simple ladder horizontally, stick it in a corner, hang it, and voila. Instant eclectic bookshelf.

Teacup Pendant Lights: Tired of staring at your old, unused china? Upcycle those saucers and tea cups to make dainty pendant lights. Since I am not an electrician, I’ve found a tutorial that spells out each step.

Suitcase Night Stand: Now this project is as easy as can be. Just stack a couple of suitcases on top of each other and add a tray, mirror, or tabletop surface to finish it off if you so desire.

Drawers to Bookcase: If you have an old dresser that isn’t being used, this transformation is for you. Take the drawers out of the old dresser and saw them in half parallel to the front of the drawer. If you want a deeper space to store your goodies in, don’t saw as much of the drawer off.

Shutter Organizer: Take a shutter and hang it on a wall in your office or entryway to create a wall organizer. Add key hooks to the bottom of the shutter for even more functionality.

Suitcase Shelves: Just because I’m slightly obsessed with vintage suitcases, I thought I would give you one more clever craft to incorporate them. Here is another simple tutorial to help you along the way.

Your tired old pieces are just waiting to be transformed. So change them. Ready, set, go.


DIY Garlands

Wondering what to do with that boring blank wall? Here is a simple solution that costs next to nothing. Garland. No, no, not the kind of garland made from berries and pine branches during the holidays. I’m talking about garland that can be used year-round as a sort of art piece by itself. Hang them however you choose to best suite your room. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re like me, then you aren’t afraid of glitter. In my opinion, glitter is a perfect way to bring some life to a plain wall. I love this garland because the scalloped shapes make the garland feel young, feminine, and not too serious.

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This paper heart cut-out garland is super easy! Just fold a piece of paper in half vertically and cut a heart in the middle of the paper. Unfold the paper to show your cut-out heart. Then fold the paper in half  horizontally so it bends over the string. To make your garland more interesting, try using old book pages for your paper.

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This garland is made out of small folded and woven stars. The shapes are quite  geometric and make for an unique focal point in any room. Here is a video on how to make the stars.

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All you need to make this garland is thread, a needle, and paper. Just thread the needle through the paper like the picture above shows. Try using different shapes such as stars, flowers, or triangles.

What makes this garland special is the juxtaposition of the metallic and regular tissue paper. The pennant garland is a classic and will never go out of style. Trust me. Cut a horizontal strip of tissue paper and fold it in half. Cut a triangle out of the end of the folded paper and you have your first pennant.

For those of you who want a more natural feel as far as garland goes, try pinecones. They won’t crinkle and break apart like leaves and they can be used year after year. Dip pinecones in paint for a more graphic look.

I hope you have found inspiration to create a garland of your own. Now go and make something of that boring blank wall.

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Floral Monogram Wreath

Looking for a way to spice up your boring door? Try a wreath. And what better way to personalize your door than with a monogram? Here is a simple tutorial on making your own floral monogram letter to hang on a door. This craft project is based off of a post on

First, find a sturdy cardboard or paper mache letter. You can buy them online or at stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

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Then, using a box cutter, cut off the top face of the letter to make the letter hollow.

Then, as the picture above shows, cut up green styrofoam to fill the space inside your letter.

The next step is to pick your favorite flowers to stick inside the styrofoam. For this tutorial I found some faux flowers to use so the wreath will laster longer.

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Found on

Cut stems if necessary and stick the flowers into the styrofoam. If the flowers do not have stems, attach them to the wreath with a hot glue gun.

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Simply fill the inside of your wreath with as many flowers as you like. Glue ribbon or twine to the back of the letter so it can hang on a door. To make a more seasonal wreath, try using leaves, berries, or other types of foliage instead of flowers.

Happy decorating,


DIY: Office Organization

Are papers piling up around you leaving your desk looking like a dumping ground? All you need are a couple of quick organizational tricks. Here are five simple solutions to get you started.

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Utilize clothespins and string for this super simple way to organize photos, sticky notes, or other important papers. Tie any type of string or ribbon to clear Command hooks  and hang them with a little slack so the string has a little bend in it. Attach clothespins and you are done.

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To make these colorful jars, take any glass jar you can find and pick out your favorite colors of acrylic paint. A good, cheaper brand for paint is BASICS. With a brush, evenly coat the inside of the jars with paint. If the consistency of the paint is slightly runny, you can put the paint in the jars, screw on the lids, and shake the jars until the paint coats the insides completely.

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For a low-cost magnetic board use a cookie sheet. Make sure the sheet is magnetic, then find wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper that goes with the rest of your office. Cut the paper to fit inside the cookie sheet and then use an adhesive, like Mod Podge glue to seal the deal. Find cute magnets to keep your papers in one spot. This picture was also featured on

Wire baskets are a wonderful way to organize papers and documents without taking up valuable drawer space. The baskets make grabbing items quick from a desk or chair. There are a variety of different designs that can be hung. Some of my favorite options include the Ryan Wire Baskets from World Market, the half moon wire wall basket from Terrain, and the wood and wire wall multi basket from PB Teen.

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Take normal clipboards and spruce them up with your favorite scrapbooking paper, fabric, wall paper, or wrapping paper. Again, you can just use Pod Modge glue to make the paper stick to the board. After the clipboards have been decorated, decide where you want them hung. Mark with painter’s tape where you want the tops of the boards to go and use Command strips to stick the clipboards to a wall. In no time you will have a functional  way to keep track of all your important documents.

Magazine files are great resources for keeping track of multiple papers, books, or magazines. Take a cardboard magazine file and use any sort of wrapping to make the box match your office and style. Some of my favorite wrapping papers come from Rifle Paper Co. and Paper Source.

Keep up the crafting,