Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a collection of objects hung in a pattern or at random on an empty wall. Gallery walls let you express your own personal style through the pieces you choose to hang and the order in which they are laid out. First, take a look at some pattern ideas to see which layout is best for your space.

Now gather your tools of choice. For this project, you only need three items.


Command strips and hooks can be purchased at Target. Be sure to check how many pounds the Command products can hold. The tape measure is from Walmart.

Your next step is finding the objects you want to decorate your wall.

Here, I have chosen a number of products from Hobby Lobby because the store gives customers a real bang for their buck. Target also has a wide selection of wall decor that is reasonably priced. Although I chose pieces that have a similar color palette and style, the fun aspect of a gallery wall is that there are no rules. Get as out-of-the-box or mainstream as you see fit.


1. Clover Mirror in Gold

2.  16″ x 20″ Silver Frascati Shadow Box Frame

3. 10″ x 20″ Barn Wood Frame

4. 16″ x 20″ Black & Gold Estate Frame

5. Rusty Brown Paris Metal Clock

6. 12″ Black Letter

The last step is hanging your objects. First, on paper, map out a pattern for your gallery wall. If you feel comfortable marking on your walls with pencil, make a note of where you want items to hang. This is when your measuring tape comes in handy as well.

Unwrap the Command hooks or strips and read the directions. Stick the wall side of the adhesive strip onto your wall according to where you want your pieces to be. Wait for the suggested amount of time stated on the package. The wait time is usually an hour. After waiting, stick the remaining adhesive strip onto your picture frame or wall art. It is important to line up the Command strips on the wall and the object being hung so they stick together. Make sure you hear the wall art or frame snap into place on top of the wall strip. Once everything is secure, step back and admire your masterpiece! Repeat this last step for each object you want to include on your gallery wall.

Happy hanging,



Styling a Vignette

I like to think of a vignette as a collection of items that simply go together. Vignettes can be on mantle tops, hallway tables, shelves, or anywhere there is empty space. Think of some objects that inspire you and have a general theme that connects the pieces. For example, on a bedroom vanity I might put flowers in glass vases, pearls, and perfume bottles to evoke  a feminine feel. To make a fall centerpiece on a dining room table, I would use small gourds or pumpkins, some small tree branches, and stacked books to add visual interest and whimsy. For this tutorial, I decided to style my vintage steamer trunk that doubles as storage and a coffee table in my dorm.


1. The Brownie camera is a late 1940s piece my roommate bought at the National Camera Exchange.

2. The alarm clock is a Pottery Barn find that was made to look vintage.

3.  The iron key is a gift from a high school teacher of mine.

4. I got the pink lamp from Pottery Barn  at the same time as the clock.

5. I bought the votive candle holders at a Better Homes and Gardens prop sale this summer. I like how the set goes together but does not match.


Canvas Art Tutorial

Adding artwork to walls is a simple way to make a space personalized and interesting. For those of us who don’t have a couple hundred dollars lying around for artwork, canvas art is a cheap solution. All you need are five materials and about an hour to take your walls from drab to fab!



Step One:

On the blank canvas, I used a 14 X 11 in. canvas) stretch your painter’s tape horizontally across the canvas creating stripes. Stripes can be evenly spaced or varied widths.


Step Two:

With the acrylic paint and flat brush, fill in the lines you made. Choose a lighter color of paint so your writing or picture can be seen over the paint. Then, let the paint dry and remove the painter’s tape.


Step Three:

With the charcoal, draw an image or write out your favorite quote. Be careful where you place your hands because the  charcoal smudges easily.


Voila! You have your own personal artwork to hang.

Good luck,


Go Bold with Brass

We are bringing back brass! Brass is a metal that has a golden color. Brass can either be polished, more reflective, or dull.  I enjoy brass accessories because they pop against wood and other natural materials.  By purchasing a few, inexpensive, accessories like mirrors, lamps, or trays, you can bring this trend to your home in a snap!