Canvas Art Tutorial

Adding artwork to walls is a simple way to make a space personalized and interesting. For those of us who don’t have a couple hundred dollars lying around for artwork, canvas art is a cheap solution. All you need are five materials and about an hour to take your walls from drab to fab!



Step One:

On the blank canvas, I used a 14 X 11 in. canvas) stretch your painter’s tape horizontally across the canvas creating stripes. Stripes can be evenly spaced or varied widths.


Step Two:

With the acrylic paint and flat brush, fill in the lines you made. Choose a lighter color of paint so your writing or picture can be seen over the paint. Then, let the paint dry and remove the painter’s tape.


Step Three:

With the charcoal, draw an image or write out your favorite quote. Be careful where you place your hands because the  charcoal smudges easily.


Voila! You have your own personal artwork to hang.

Good luck,



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