Styling a Vignette

I like to think of a vignette as a collection of items that simply go together. Vignettes can be on mantle tops, hallway tables, shelves, or anywhere there is empty space. Think of some objects that inspire you and have a general theme that connects the pieces. For example, on a bedroom vanity I might put flowers in glass vases, pearls, and perfume bottles to evoke  a feminine feel. To make a fall centerpiece on a dining room table, I would use small gourds or pumpkins, some small tree branches, and stacked books to add visual interest and whimsy. For this tutorial, I decided to style my vintage steamer trunk that doubles as storage and a coffee table in my dorm.


1. The Brownie camera is a late 1940s piece my roommate bought at the National Camera Exchange.

2. The alarm clock is a Pottery Barn find that was made to look vintage.

3.  The iron key is a gift from a high school teacher of mine.

4. I got the pink lamp from Pottery Barn  at the same time as the clock.

5. I bought the votive candle holders at a Better Homes and Gardens prop sale this summer. I like how the set goes together but does not match.



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