DIY: Office Organization

Are papers piling up around you leaving your desk looking like a dumping ground? All you need are a couple of quick organizational tricks. Here are five simple solutions to get you started.

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Utilize clothespins and string for this super simple way to organize photos, sticky notes, or other important papers. Tie any type of string or ribbon to clear Command hooks  and hang them with a little slack so the string has a little bend in it. Attach clothespins and you are done.

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To make these colorful jars, take any glass jar you can find and pick out your favorite colors of acrylic paint. A good, cheaper brand for paint is BASICS. With a brush, evenly coat the inside of the jars with paint. If the consistency of the paint is slightly runny, you can put the paint in the jars, screw on the lids, and shake the jars until the paint coats the insides completely.

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For a low-cost magnetic board use a cookie sheet. Make sure the sheet is magnetic, then find wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper that goes with the rest of your office. Cut the paper to fit inside the cookie sheet and then use an adhesive, like Mod Podge glue to seal the deal. Find cute magnets to keep your papers in one spot. This picture was also featured on

Wire baskets are a wonderful way to organize papers and documents without taking up valuable drawer space. The baskets make grabbing items quick from a desk or chair. There are a variety of different designs that can be hung. Some of my favorite options include the Ryan Wire Baskets from World Market, the half moon wire wall basket from Terrain, and the wood and wire wall multi basket from PB Teen.

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Take normal clipboards and spruce them up with your favorite scrapbooking paper, fabric, wall paper, or wrapping paper. Again, you can just use Pod Modge glue to make the paper stick to the board. After the clipboards have been decorated, decide where you want them hung. Mark with painter’s tape where you want the tops of the boards to go and use Command strips to stick the clipboards to a wall. In no time you will have a functional  way to keep track of all your important documents.

Magazine files are great resources for keeping track of multiple papers, books, or magazines. Take a cardboard magazine file and use any sort of wrapping to make the box match your office and style. Some of my favorite wrapping papers come from Rifle Paper Co. and Paper Source.

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