Make Your Own Glitter Painting


While I watched the snow falling in Des Moines today I started to think back to the Christmas breaks of my childhood. After about the third day of being away from school I would get bored and come up with some craft to make. One break about five years ago, I was scouring through my mother’s Martha Stewart LivingĀ magazine and saw a craft that caught my attention. It involved glitter…lots of glitter. The craft is to take a picture and use glitter and glue to create a glittery painting.

I tracked down a video tutorial on how to do the project but sadly, the photo conversion tool mentioned in the video is no longer available on the Martha Stewart website. As you can see from the photo above that Martha made, the craft makes any picture look stunning.

But have no fear! This project can easily be done without the photo conversion tool. All you need are a few simple supplies.

Craft Glue or Mod Podge – I used Mod Podge which can be bought at any art supply store.

Fine Glitter – Martha has her own line you can find here)

Baking Cups – To hold and separate the glitter

Newspaper – So your table or floor does not get completely covered in glitter

Fine Brush – This is optional in case you want to paint your glue onto the picture or if your glue bottle does not have a fine tip. You can find these at any art or craft store.

Thick Paper or Cardstock – To print your picture on so the glue doesn’t wrinkle the paper.